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The reactor is unstable and has gone critical, blowing its cooling rods all over the factory!

Your task is to fly around and gather all the cooling rods and drop them back into the reactor core to stabilize it again.

Unfortunately, you weren't designed for this and the cooling rods are as big and heavy as you, so it's going to be an unstable flight back.

Good luck!


Find each cooling rod, grab them and drop them into the bright reactor core. They’re heavy so they will swing around and drag you down as you fly so it’s best to get some altitude first.


- Hold spacebar for thrust (Controller right trigger)

- Pitch up/down with S/W or down/up

- Yaw left/right with A/D or left/right

- Grab cooling rod with E (Controller bottom button)

- Release cooling rod with Q (Controller left button)

You may be tempted to think that the game is janky to control. But I assure you that this is a gameplay feature meant to support the theme and not a bug


UnstableCore.zip 205 MB

Install instructions

  • Unzip UnstableCore.zip
  • Run LD49.exe

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