A turtle separated from their family and trapped in an atoll

Get past the hoomans blocking the way back to your family

Gather friendly stranded hoomans on your back to fight and escape

Eat fish to grow larger and fit more hoomans on your back

Move around with arrow keys, WASD, or a controller

Let the hoomans fight for you

All art and code made by me :D

Published 28 days ago
TagsCasual, Ludum Dare 52, Unity
LinksLudum Dare


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Nice work!

The only thing I’d mention is I expected the controls to be a bit like a spaceship game. By that I mean W moves you forward along your current orientation and A/D adjust your turn.

That said I was able to pick up the current WADS scheme pretty quick.


Ah, interesting, I hadn't thought of that.
I'm used to directional WASD for character movement. I suppose this game blurs the line between a character and vehicle. ^_^

Thanks for playing!