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Humanity can make near-infinite energy but it needs a way to store all that energy. Batteries can store the energy but they're made out of physical elements that must be mined.

Humans have become a space-faring civilization and need more energy (and storage) in order to expand. Batteries are made from five core elements - SPACE for short.

Youhave been tasked by a big publicly traded corporation with harvesting the elements on a hostile alien world in order to bring them more profits build more batteries and help their profits humanity to expand!

How to Play

  1. Gather ore from SPACE mines
  2. Build worker units to mine (workers cost 2 ore)
  3. Make enough workers at each mine to provide enough of that element (about 6 units) to be stable
  4. Once a mine is stable, your level will increase
  5. Make all 5 SPACE mines stable in order to win
  6. Don't die


  • Move with WASD, arrows or left controller stick
  • Aim with mouse or right controller stick
  • Interact with left mouse button, spacebar, or bottom controller button


SPACERace.zip 411 MB

Install instructions

  1. Extract the zip file
  2. Open WindowsNoEditor folder
  3. Run EMJ21_OutOfSpace.exe

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