Run your own pug pub! Serve drinks to the neighbourhood dogs to attract even more!

But be aware that too many will make the pub too crowded and your patrons will leave thirsty and unsatisfied!

To play

Once a dog sits at your counter, click on them to move there, then click the drink button to serve them.

All three drinks satiate your patrons' thirst, but the middle one makes the patrons more happy than the top one, and the bottom one makes them more happy than the second.

The happier your patrons are, the more word gets around, and the more patrons come to your pub.
This seems good, but the more there are the harder it is for your patrons to get to you at your bar. And some may just give up after a while and leave!

So, the game is about balancing the "quality" of drinks you give out to satisfy your patrons' thirsty throats. The 'Husky Whisky' is nice, but you don't want everyone drinking your best drinks when you could serve them a cheap 'Bulldog Beer' for the same price instead!


Real talk

This game is more of a casual zen experience where you can't really lose once you learn how to play. So keep that in mind when playing.

Our original game concept had more complexity and nuance, but due to the typical game jam reasons we were only able to complete the core gameplay. That being said, please let us know if you encounter any bugs!


Developer: Michael Widmer

Artist: Haiwei Hou

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withUnity
Tags3D, beer, Casual, Cute, Dogs, Ludum Dare 40, pub, pugs, restaurant
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