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You are the master of the Yin-Yang blade. Through each attack, the blades adsorb life from the enemy and accumulates "Chi". While fighting, you need to keep balancing the opposite "Chi" to enter the "Nirvana" state and launch the big blow.

In this prototype, you can fight the enemy with clicking right or left mouse buttons (We left the accumulating "Chi" feature for the next iteration)

Feel free to check of the Web Comic it's based on:


DualityFinalOrder.zip 31 MB


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Nice demo/prototype. Love the comic book style. For some reason we had no music in game,so we aded some. Keep up the good work!

Wow, thanks for making the video!

It was a prototype idea made in a couple days so we didn't have time to get to audio.

But we hope you still enjoyed it and really appreciate you taking the time to make a video.

this game is realy great

Looks really pretty,  but I can only seem to move really slowly

Nice game, look forward to play full game!