We're facing a chip shortage.

So lead the expansion into space to collect resources to maufacture more chips. Be careful, though, there's another rival company trying to do the same.

Destroy all their units to demonstrate to them the feebleness of their attempts to compete with you and that they were only delaying the inevitable!


- Collect the three types of resources with your harvesters

- Build more units from your base in the top left

- Upgrade your base to gain access to new units


+ Left click on a unit to select it

+ Right click ground to move

+ Right click enemy to attack

+ Right click mine to harvest

+ Drag select to select multiple units

+ Pan around with arrow keys or WASD

+ Zoom with mouse scroll

+ Press H to select your base

+ Press ESC/F10/Pause/P to open the info panel


Destroy all your rival's units in order to win



  • This is a jam game so it's very minimal and basically not tested (sorry)
  • There's no audio for the jam version


AgeOfChips_Win_1.2.1_PostGameJam.zip 84 MB
AgeOfChips_Win_1.2.0_PostGameJam.zip 84 MB
AgeOfChips_Win_1.1.0_PostGameJam.zip 84 MB
AgeOfChips_Win_1.0.0_JamVersion.zip 73 MB

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