18 Souls

Play as a recent Soul Reaper recruit who must fill in while the original is busy with Halloween preparations.

Statistically, there are 18 deaths every 10 seconds.

But that's not coincidental, no! That's a mandated quota for Soul Reapers.

So try to reap exactly 18 souls every 10 seconds.

Every 10 seconds, the count is reset and you get docked the number of souls away from 18.

After 10 strikes, your supervisor will call you back in, ending your run.

How To Play

- Move with WASD

- Swing with left mouse click

- Walk through souls to collect

Didn't have enough time over the jam weekend to finish the game so I decided to turn this into an EXTRA


18 Souls (1.0.1) Windows 35 MB
18 Souls (1.0) Windows 35 MB

Install instructions

Extract zip file to desired folder and double Click 18 Souls.exe to run game


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This is a great little game, well done.

Aw, thank you and thanks for playing!